A box of Cassette Tapes from the Attic

I’m finally getting around to digitising these auld cassettes and DATs
(Tim, thanks for the loan of the marantz!)

I’ll be posting the results here. Please don’t link directly to the audio files as I will most likely be moving them somewhere else.


About auldtapes

Recordings from the late 80's and early 90's, made in dublin and thereabouts, rescued from cassettes and DAT's found in me mum's attic. If you have a copyright type problem (you gotta be kidding!) with any of these recordings being online here, then contact me and I'll move them somewhere else :)
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2 Responses to A box of Cassette Tapes from the Attic

  1. denis says:


    did you find any thing by the swinging swine?

    a couple of my friend, my sister and me were mad into them in our teenage drunken night in our bedrooms!!

    i lost my tape a long time ago but we have all searched high and low to get the ep- its starting to look life a lifetime job

  2. auldtapes says:

    Denis, I’m afraid what’s there is all there is. 😦

    see anto’s comment on the swine page, seems that he has a copy of the EP.

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