The Honey Thieves

  • Another one that I didn’t have a title for.
    This is a really rough mix from a session in Elektra. I have the rest of this session on DAT (be posting that later), but I don’t think this one is on the DAT. It might have been a live jam.
  • The Honey Thieves – Melanie Sincere


About auldtapes

Recordings from the late 80's and early 90's, made in dublin and thereabouts, rescued from cassettes and DAT's found in me mum's attic. If you have a copyright type problem (you gotta be kidding!) with any of these recordings being online here, then contact me and I'll move them somewhere else :)
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3 Responses to The Honey Thieves

  1. seannyryan says:

    Wow! That brings back memories. That was a song Called Melanie Sincere. I used to be the Drummer, I don’t ever remember recording that though, but we partied hard in those days so that doesn’t surprise me. It was great to hear that again and I see you have Good Time too with Dave singing on it. Much Better than the version released on the B side of Crawl with Shane singing. Dave had a lot more edge to his vocals. Do you have any other tracks? Cheers Sean

    • auldtapes says:

      Hi Seanny! Glad you found the page. Hard to find stuff on these particular nectar pilfering bandits. It was a popular name it would seem. Yes there is more, I’ll get it up here before the year is out.

      Sincere…. of course! it sounds so obvious when you know. I listened to the song a dozen times and couldn’t quite catch it.

      You still drummin’? still got hair like this? –

      • Sean Ryan says:

        Ah alas the flowing blonde locks have now been tamed and transformed into a quite convincing quiff a la Derek Turner Circa 1990. I started Playing again about 5 years ago after a 9 year absence. This is what happens when ex musicians have 40th Birthday parties, wanting to have one more gig (mid life crisis time). I’m playing in a Clash Tribute Band (El Clash Combo), with Dave Dorgan (ex Candyshop and Candy Apple Red) and Bocer (Ex Icon Trial), Nothing to serious we Gig about 5 or 6 times a year.

        Ah yes that video (Only One) for On the Waterfront, My Brother sent this to me recently. I knew something like this would come back to haunt me. But it did inspire me to go Searching for other Honey Thieves material which led me to your site. And It’s good to see John Lawler (Swinging Swine) has been in touch. I had a short spell as the swines drummer in the 90s as well.

        Thanks for the memories and in the Words of Aidan Walshe “Keep up the Good Work”


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