Debra Wallace

  • I met debbie way back in.. well a long time ago. Larry suggested that we did a late night in the studio. That we did.. and something came out of it, although I’m not too sure how to describe that something. Some of it has survived on DAT, and i’ll have to dig that out later.

    I just found a complete copy of this track on cassette, I had thought it was lost as I only had the end 20 seconds, but it turns out I that when the tape ran out I had flicked it over and recorded the end on the beginning of the other side. so here it is, stitched, noise reductioned, compressed, and tweaked and encoded as it only deserves now 20 years later.

    So this is Right Moves, circa 1988, complete with 3.30 am bass improvisation by yours truly, and possibly the best vocal debra managed to get down for this one, despite my flooding the cans with reverb!

    Right Moves re-emerged some years later on Debra’s album “What is it you want?”, You can hear that version here:


About auldtapes

Recordings from the late 80's and early 90's, made in dublin and thereabouts, rescued from cassettes and DAT's found in me mum's attic. If you have a copyright type problem (you gotta be kidding!) with any of these recordings being online here, then contact me and I'll move them somewhere else :)
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