Female Hercules

  • This is a from a session in Elektra some year around the end of the eighties.. I’m listening to it now coming back off the cassette as I write this and it’s sounding a little dead. Maybe i’ll put it through the works before I post the audio.

    I remember mixing this with the monitors up really loud! I was distracted too, as this girl I was crazy about at the time turned up in the studio for the mixes, and she was or had been going out with one of the guys in the band. I remember her sitting on the couch behind the mixing desk, and me turning it up louder and louder in the vain hope that the music would drown out the beating of my heart.

    Female Hercules – Globe

    Female Hercules – Nervous Twitch

    Female Hercules – Song#2.


About auldtapes

Recordings from the late 80's and early 90's, made in dublin and thereabouts, rescued from cassettes and DAT's found in me mum's attic. If you have a copyright type problem (you gotta be kidding!) with any of these recordings being online here, then contact me and I'll move them somewhere else :)
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2 Responses to Female Hercules

  1. Gaz says:

    Fucking awesome.I’m in a band with Conzo,the singer from the hercs.I’ll get him to tell you what these songs are.

  2. reynald says:

    titles:globe,nervous twitch,song#2.

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