You could have been the best..

  • Here are three demo tracks from The Joys that were on a cassette and let me say, in this moment, I am really fucking enjoying listening to them.The Joys were a hard working band tipped for the big time, in the days when one used to crash out on the studio sofa for a couple of hours at 6am, before the day living would turn up and violate the tranquillity of the dawn.

    Or sometimes we’d say fuck it and go and drink pints in the Globe until they would put on that 1Khz tone at ten to eleven to make us all go round the other side to Rí-Rá, and we would bitch and swear, but we’d go anyway and we’d go back the next night too. We’d rant and share what was in our hearts and in our pockets. I was all confused, disillusioned with honesty, wrapped up twisted, implosively in love with so many things and surrounded by beautiful souls, many of them manifest as extremely intriguing women.

    Cormac got the pints in and said he wouldn’t worry about it.

    And then didn’t The Joys fade away too, and Junkster came into view, and with a deal and a ticket to soon be the next U2, it was off to a studio in upstate New York or some place with them, never to quite make it back. If we can give thanks for anything in this new century, let it be the demise of the record companies, and mouldy auld cassettes in attics of course.

  • Darling Disaster:
    “You could have been the best, but now you couldn’t get much worse”
  • Mr. Space
    “First you won her crazy heart, then you showed her how to fall apart.”
  • Whinge & Whine
    “It’s as simple as can be… You broke my heart..”

This is for you, crazy little man in a leather jacket. Regretful, sad bytimes that you had to bale so early for the last bus, yet happy in hoping that you found all is well there on the other side, and hey, get some sleep this time, eh? we’ll catch ya later. abrazo. K


About auldtapes

Recordings from the late 80's and early 90's, made in dublin and thereabouts, rescued from cassettes and DAT's found in me mum's attic. If you have a copyright type problem (you gotta be kidding!) with any of these recordings being online here, then contact me and I'll move them somewhere else :)
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6 Responses to You could have been the best..

  1. paul says:

    I was thinking about Dante or something when I typed ‘Backwards into Paradise’ and found myself here. Listening to buried talent with much nostalgia and then you mentioned Cormac. That guy gave us so mush time and dedication, a human dynamo, always sparking and last to crash (or still there mixing down the drum track while you slept). Maybe we only get so much sleep and when your dose is done…..Anyway, it’s good to see that others remember his generosity.

  2. graham says:

    This is unreal it’s so so long since I’ve heard these songs and revisited the memories. Had to listen to them loud as playback with Cormac was always LOUD!!
    Now I’ve ringing in my ears and Cormac’s smiling self in my minds eye.
    Thanks for sharing. Title for track 3 is Whinge & Whine.

  3. dee says:

    Thank you to whoever put these on, I never thought I would hear them again. What would you give for a spot of time travel right now? I would buy every last one of you a big durty pint especially all my lost bandmates. And me darling monster with your skinny skinny jeans and bejewled fingers, pony tails and giggles I think of you often.
    Big love,
    Dee x

  4. Anthony says:

    Hi there. Brilliant site you have here. Such great memories from so many great bands from back then. I played drums with The Joys and still have loads of our stuff on cassette. Am trying to convert them to mp3 as these tapes are getting very old and taking up far too much space at home!! Will try to upload them when I can.

    Thanks again.


  5. Terry Hackett says:

    Hacko n Packo, Camroc ya Drallocs, I think of you often, happy innocent times, when we were kids. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to record these days. And not one bit of gaff tape anywhere! Love Ter

  6. Fanning Sessions says:

    Excellent. I just posted ‘Cheshire Cat’ but these tracks are the business. If anyone could fill in the missing band biography details it would be much appreciated..

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