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John Maguire feeding his pigs

  One of the tracks on the Swinging Swine recordings that Padraig posted is a version of a traditional song called Molly Bawn Lowry. This stood out right away for my ears as one of the most interesting tracks on … Continue reading

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“Nobody knows what beauty is”

This was a huge hit back in the late 80’s, recognized as the definitive work on the subjective nature of ugliness. As the 90’s progressed, the true profundity of the lyric came to be popularly understood and assimilated, culminating in … Continue reading

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Salty Tissue, Carpet Drifter

Lost for words a lot mostly of late, as in the past 6 months 11 years. All of a sudden in a painfully long drawn out process, I have completely lost interest in everything that was sustaining my ego. I … Continue reading

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Recession? Bring it on, ain’t never had no money anyways.

Just like back in dem days in Montpellier ’93-94.. No money but the love is strong, not to mention the rock n roll. Tony Healy – Guitar & Vox Ritchie “├ža bouge bien” Metivier – Bass Meself – Drum box … Continue reading

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you stick your tongue down his throat just the same..

Another Classic hit from the late 80’s. Featuring a host of stars, including: our one and own Human on the drums, (he even plays ’em backwards) Tony H on the Vocals through the delay pedal myself on the guitar Ed … Continue reading

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“You may listen, but you’ll never hear me”

yea-hey!, i just found two Tension tracks that I didn’t know I had. I have another four tracks from the same session on DAT and i’ll pull them out later. The second track is labeled “funk” on the cassette inlay, … Continue reading

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The Honey Thieves

Another one that I didn’t have a title for. This is a really rough mix from a session in Elektra. I have the rest of this session on DAT (be posting that later), but I don’t think this one is … Continue reading

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