Help me put names to these bands/songs

I am missing band or song information on the following pages:

Tension – Is that track called funk?

The Idiots – Demo Live Track

Tension. I know I know them, I’m pretty sure they are written on the DAT box which is back in Dublin, but I’m drawing a complete blank on the name for three tension tracks.


8 Responses to Help me put names to these bands/songs

  1. Ian Whelan says:

    Third Donnybrook Garage song was called “Swamp Thing” – the last reaslly short one with the Irish spoken intro was actually called “Roastbeef Motel”

  2. morgan hart says:

    The other idiots track, track 2 is called rekcollector.

    Have their debut album still brilliant after all these years.


  3. auldtapes says:

    Thanks Morgan, yes, just the other day I downloaded this very auld tape:

    Check it out for other versions of these tracks.

  4. Clyde says:

    Hi man- great collection of tunes! Is there any way of PMing you?- have a query!

  5. patmim says:

    hey there, was scrolling thru a few here and had a smile to myself when I read the female hercules studio story. my sis in law went out with one of the lads for quite a while…….prob someone else but ya never know…….
    patrick (drummer in a band called sunbear – wish we had featured here – would have made me smile more!)

    • auldtapes says:

      Patrick, The girl in question did not marry your brother, I am fairly sure of that!

      I never recorded SUNBEAR, and had I, the band would surely feature here. I remember the name though, as in it rings a bell, a kind of vibe bell, kind of conjures up a memory of one of those “We got to get to that gig man” things buzzing around town. Or somehow or other, there is some vague memory of sunbear, sunbear, sunbear, being repeated in some space where I was spending time. Reading up now – ah, of course. the Joe Chester connection.

      • patmim says:

        myself and martin from sunbear are in a new band with tony (from fkos) called tin charm and we have an album coming out soon. we still pal around with joe (he recorded an album for us when we were in ruby tailights) its a pity you didnt get to record sunbear alright., we played regularly with the idiots pet lamb female hercules, luggage, in motion. there was a great music scene in dublin those days. really enjoying hearing some of the stuff you have on here. nice one.

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