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it’s gettin’ hard to read between the lines

It has been a while yet here is another auld tape that was promised before the year was out. But it’s just gone election time, just gone promises time, it is time now for the unfulfiling to begin, – time … Continue reading

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Debra Demos

Ok, it’s Conamara comes to Dublin and back to the distant past again with a couple of tracks from the 3am demo sessions with Debra Wallace. I won’t clutter up these powerful vocals with any more bla.bla..blog.. Jaysus!, mind those … Continue reading

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Let the Good Time Rock

Another summer solstice comes and goes, the days are getting shorter again, or so they say. Whatever, ya have to love these oscillations…. Hey I just noticed it’s Sunday. let’s see, the sermon for today, courtesy of Dave Lavelle. This … Continue reading

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Salty Tissue, Carpet Drifter

Lost for words a lot mostly of late, as in the past 6 months 11 years. All of a sudden in a painfully long drawn out process, I have completely lost interest in everything that was sustaining my ego. I … Continue reading

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Female Hercules

This is a from a session in Elektra some year around the end of the eighties.. I’m listening to it now coming back off the cassette as I write this and it’s sounding a little dead. Maybe i’ll put it … Continue reading

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Debra Wallace

I met debbie way back in.. well a long time ago. Larry suggested that we did a late night in the studio. That we did.. and something came out of it, although I’m not too sure how to describe that … Continue reading

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