Tony Healy & Bull

Bull the Band

Bull the Band

  • Why is this page here? – Well, Bull was the only band I was every really ‘in’ myself, and I still make a point of hooking up with Tony about once a year whenever I can get to the county Louth. We drink some wine and jam in the kitchen till somebody bangs on the wall or the kids turn up looking for breakfast, whichever happens first. Sometimes, rarely enough mind you, we actually do some work on some new tapes. These are some of the auld tapes.

3 Responses to Tony Healy & Bull

  1. anto says:

    give us an auld call

  2. john healy says:

    hey tony, i was listening to ‘dark lit ocean’ today….it’s cool….i just found it in my bunch of tapes…also some stuff of you singing at home and in the attic …………john

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